Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mixed Media Canvas

I love ART! Anything artsy and the biggest smile forms on my face LOL!!
A few months ago I was watching Marion from A Piece Of Craft Dot Com on her live UStream show and she created a this canvas (picture on top).
I LOVED the way it looked!
The birdcages, the bird in the middle, and the way she painted the canvas.......
it all screamed GORGEOUS!!

I was inspired by her mixed media altered canvas to create my own.
Christmas was almost comming and I new just who I wanted to make this for.
We have been friends since grade we were 14 yrs. old
So I looked through my crafty room and found all the goodies I wanted to use.
I didnt have some of the same things Marion had, but I still make it work.

(The above picture is my canvas)

I didnt have any of the Prima flowers and twigs she had used on her canvas.
But I did have a cream flower that I got in a RAK a few months ago.
I just added blue paint on it to give it that special BOOP! I was looking for LOL!
Then instead of using the Prima twigs, I found some brown glitter picks I got at Michaels.
I painted them up to once again, give them that BOOP! LOL!!
Marion only used one bird, that was in the center of the canvas...I had used 5.
One behind of birdcage that was in the corners and one in the middle.
I also used different colors and more of a splatter technique with the paint.
The canvas I created turned out awesome!!
I wasnt too sure what to write in the middle on that tag, so I left it blank until Keri thought of a cool word or something.
She ended up loving it!!

What do you think?

(The bottom picture is my canvas)

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